The “WebsiteRecyclingCompany” has picked up

The “WebsiteRecyclingCompany” has picked up failed businesses’ web sites, the code behind them, and some hardware… all to resell to potential failing businesses. They are 3 weeks old, and so far have sold zero. According to a cnet article, internet users spend about 60 percent of their time online using products and services owned by just 14 companies. About 50% of each users time is spent on sites&services owned by none other than; AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo and Napster. useless information. Some good words about apples final cut pro. Napster rubs elbows with large corporations to carry out plans on selling their music. Napster swears, this time it’s legal. I always preferred sega to the others, even if I was pissed when I got the sega master system instead of Nintendo, about 10 years ago. [ I really have no idea how long ago it was, but let’s go with 10 ] So I was disappointed when I heard that they were stopping production of their hardware. Now they’re teaming up w/ sony&others to offer cross-platform gaming for the first time.

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