ego media launched a redesign…

ego media launched a redesign… high quality stuff if you take the time to go through it all. According to this article; napster file sharing is down 90%. I myself haven’t touched it in quite some time… I’m probably a couple weeks behind on this one; but had so much information pouring in; it couldn’t have all been classified as “fucked” so he started to show off his soft side; or maybe to kiss some ass… There’s this article on zdnet about web enabled billboards, allowing the advertisers to update ad campaigns in real time… In the most recent issue of the industry standard there’s an article on how advertisers are getting free ad space, bacause after their paid time is up, there’s no one to take over their space. Which one is it? Future Power and Apple Settled the imac rip off suit. Future Power will not be able to sell it’s 15inch all in one imac rip off until the year 2004.

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