Zeldman won’t stop running his

Zeldman won’t stop running his mouth… he offers up chapter 3 [Where am I? Navigation&Interface] of his latest masterpiece free of charge in oh so user friendly pdf. Careful; this links directly to the 1.1 mb file. It’s not [hypocritically speaking] half bad… so far.

It really pisses me off that wired news radio does not update on a daily basis. Another one is techTV.com

Handspring’s got a deal where you can trade in an old handheld and get a hundred bucks off the visor edge.

I’ve found out that it is normal for icons to switch to their generic counterparts when view options is set to list, and icon size is set to smallest… Read all about a macs’ desktop file here. fascinating.

McVeigh was executed today; becoming the first federal prisoner executed in 38 years. Now we see how long it takes for the video to come out.

Nice site… go straight to the portfolio and check it out; before getting annoyed with the nav and ditching. jennifersterling.com

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