I found some info on

I found some info on uninstalling OSX beta; but am not looking forward to actually doing it. At the bottom of this page there’s a link that will turn off those crappy “Hidden camera” pop-under ads that have become so prevelant in the past couple months. Use at your own rizznisk.

Saw Crouching TIger Hidden Dragon; although not as grand as I expected still a good movie. It’s hard to tell who’s who&what exactly is going on in the start but that quickly changes.

I used imdb.com for quite some time before realizing that I can save, among other things, a list of all the movies I’ve seen; attach the date viewed and notes to each one… very cool, I presume underused, feature. You must check it out, just click on “personalize” in the top left nav.

Yahoo has thing shop along thing with Britney Spears… One of Yahoo’s really lame attempts at making money.

Verizon claims that Covad employees were forced to lodge false complaints about bad service. They certainly didn’t need any help from covad.

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