Firefox or FireWow?

Get Firefox!By now you’re all surely using the latest version of Firefox, and “rediscovering the web”. While this is all very exciting, disappointment set in when I realized that my favorite extensions were unavailable, you’ve heard this before, but let me provide a little more detail.

First there’s Bookmarks Synchronizer, keeping neatly managed bookmarks exactly the same on a mac at the office, a mac at home, a PC laptop, and just about any computing platform connected to the web. This seemingly obvious functionality by the way, is the greatest revolution since the creation of the browser. After a painfully long week without it, an updated bookmark sync is made available, hacked by a user who also, could not bear going any longer without it.

Next is Bookmark Sync’s perfect companion – Add Bookmark Here, which turns the normally 4 step process of adding a bookmark into one painless step. See for yourself.

These are just a few of the items a brand new relationship with Firefox will bring to the table. Some others include it’s newly, out-of-box integration, of the here to takeover, RSS format. Use it with your Sage feed reader for maximum information intake.

Rediscovering the web? I’d say so.

5 thoughts on “Firefox or FireWow?”

  1. tried using the bookmark thing to get my safari links and it wouldn’t do it. it crashed. never tried it again after that. maybe i had some fucked up linkage

  2. First you’d have to get them from Safari into a version of Firefox, then use the bookmark sync to keep all copies of Firefox bookmarks the same. Then never use Safari again.

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