10 thoughts on “RSS is so New Media”

    oh wait, I already said that twice
    dun wanna be a spammer heh.

    Whats with the naming scheme though? All same descriptions? How do you know which one to pick?

  2. I know. It’s a work in progress.

    Right now, all three of those mp3’s are in a single post titled “Boost Wild Call of the Day” but get parsed as three seperate , which is a good thing.

    We just need to now use some part of the info provided as a unique title. OR the Simplest way – Put each mp3 in it’s own post, therefore unique titles; Which is what I’d like to do.

  3. You could pay for Tivo service and go through a 5 step process having fun entering letters via a remote control…

    or you can walk over to your computer, click the link in your bookmarks menu (or for you del.icio.us fans, go to address, login, go to your bookmarks, search for bookmark, click link, leave del.icio.us) and listen in 20 seconds.

  4. I know it is… and great skillz on that one (seriously), but flying in a balloon from coast to coast is possible too – although not necessary worth the adventure.

    The problem lies there within the concept of “new media” in general. There is absolutely nothing new about it, more so it’s hacked up mash ups that take more time and energy than they are worth. The fact that we gete excited over standards such as RSS feeds working on some proprietary equipment strengthens my point.

    My derogatory comment was geared more tolds such supposed “new media” not your skill set.

    Good job sir… indeed.

  5. The point is not the code at all, or any supposed skill, It takes very little skill to publish an RSS feed.

    The point is, if you do offer an RSS feed and it’s published correctly, it’s capable of so much more than just being grabbed by RSS readers. Much more than just being read by a tivo. And as Huphtur pointed out, our feed isn’t even up to par.

    I just thought it’s a nice example of why standards in creating sites are important.

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