BBColors Color Schemes

Update: These BBEdit Color Schemes and several new ones are now rolled up in a BBEdit 10 friendly package and available for download.

Update: BBEdit 10 has rolled BBColors into their own theme structure. Any installed BBColor themes will be auto-recognized by BBEdit 10.


U23D, Gentle Honey, Zen and Tea, available as bbcolors color schemes (.zip)

Awhile back Daring Fireball created BBColors, a “free command-line tool for saving and loading text color preference schemes for BBEdit and TextWrangler”. I’ve been using it ever since, switching between the available color shemes. A color refresh for your code rejuvinates the soul.

Occasionally I’ll search the web for new color schemes available for download but have yet to find any, so I created a couple based on color sets from, they’re available for download in I hope other BBColor fans will find them a nice addition to their collection.

The .zip file contains 3 color themes based on the following Adobe Kuler color sets:

Daring Fireball has instructions on installing and using BBColors. But here’s the jist on getting these new color schemes up and running:

  1. Install BBColors
  2. unpack
  3. type "bbcolors -open" in your command line, revealing the location of saved color schemes
  4. Drag and drop your new color schemes into the aforementioned directory
  5. type bbcolors -load "Name of Theme"