BBColors Color Schemes

Update: These BBEdit Color Schemes and several new ones are now rolled up in a BBEdit 10 friendly package and available for download.

Update: BBEdit 10 has rolled BBColors into their own theme structure. Any installed BBColor themes will be auto-recognized by BBEdit 10.


U23D, Gentle Honey, Zen and Tea, available as bbcolors color schemes (.zip)

Awhile back Daring Fireball created BBColors, a “free command-line tool for saving and loading text color preference schemes for BBEdit and TextWrangler”. I’ve been using it ever since, switching between the available color shemes. A color refresh for your code rejuvinates the soul.

Occasionally I’ll search the web for new color schemes available for download but have yet to find any, so I created a couple based on color sets from, they’re available for download in I hope other BBColor fans will find them a nice addition to their collection.

The .zip file contains 3 color themes based on the following Adobe Kuler color sets:

Daring Fireball has instructions on installing and using BBColors. But here’s the jist on getting these new color schemes up and running:

  1. Install BBColors
  2. unpack
  3. type "bbcolors -open" in your command line, revealing the location of saved color schemes
  4. Drag and drop your new color schemes into the aforementioned directory
  5. type bbcolors -load "Name of Theme"

9 thoughts on “BBColors Color Schemes”

  1. Thanks for putting these out. I like the way the schemes hi-light the line the cursor is on. These are also much easier on the eyes when coding in the middle of the night too. Small conveniences but very much worth it. U23D is now my default.

    Thanks again.

  2. Just switched to U23D. It’s so purty I’m working on something I’ve been putting off just to have an excuse to look at a page of code in BBEdit.

    (that’s pretty pathetic, isn’t it? heh)

  3. i like torte for gvim ;) definitely reverse video (black bg) is easiest on the eyes. i don’t like the fact that those three color schemes seem to make the comments stand out — i’d rather have the comments be dimmer than the rest of the code. good stuff though.

  4. @mike I don’t mind a comment that isn’t fading too far back in the background. Maybe prominent comments will help people pay attention to, and write more useful comments, once they’re held with equal importance as the rest of the code.

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