Wednesday, October 14, 2009 (week of walks, amongst more)


Some fantastic walks in New York are coming up for the week of October 18-24, including “Sustainable Skyscrapers: Times Square Goes Green”… learn about the reactive interiors and intelligent materials that make up the Bank of America Tower and six more of the city’s greenest buildings. | Some Lectures of interest are taking place soon at SVA, including Jason Fried (37Signals), Callie Neylan (NPR) and Matt Mullenweg (WordPress), amongst others.

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  1. cpawl #

    Are you going to see Jason speak? I reserved a spot already. Looking forward to it. ]

  2. Bill Keller #

    SVA has the upcoming lecture list posted in a separate spot from the darn capability to RSVP. I just assumed it wasn’t open yet, I’ll need to stay on top of the Callie Neylan NPR one.

  3. cpawl #

    Yeah I will try to go to the Callie one and the ClearLeft one too if I can.

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