Great Walls of Garbage

A few months ago Wired Magazine wrote a piece about the potential of Facebook surpassing Google search in Great Wall of Facebook: The Social Network’s Plan to Dominate the Internet — and Keep Google Out. Their largest argument to make this point:

“At press time, [Facebook] was also planning to launch Facebook Search, allowing users to scour one another’s feeds. Want to see what some anonymous schmuck thought about the Battlestar Galactica finale? Check out Google. Want to see what your friends had to say? Try Facebook Search.”

The future of search most assuredly involves your network of friends, family & peers, but the spot for that search will not be Facebook. Their largest hurdle is that Facebooks Great Wall is holding back a Great Mound of useless garbage.

I’m convinced that the content within Facebook will never rise to a level of usability required to dominate the internet in the fashion Wired believes. Facebook, or someone else specializing in this type of content will always thrive, but will remain as they are today; a completely separate, much less useful version of some other kind of web.

6 thoughts on “Great Walls of Garbage”

  1. The future of search most assuredly involves your network of friends, family & peers

    I don’t even think this much is true. The power of the web is the massive amounts of available resources. The future of search should be rather a way to narrow the results into relevancy more accurately. Facebook, bookmark site’s like delicious, and things like me coming and commenting here is already the network of friends, family, and peers. If anything there needs to be an aggregator where people can group resources they trust and search within those boundaries. For instance I can say I trust anything on the web by: THESE PEOPLE, THESE COMMUNITIES, THESE SITES, …etc. and search within them first – first being important here – the open web results should be secondary at least.

    There will be no one size fits all solution not for Facebook or even for Google.

  2. i agree Bill. I read that Wired article, and my first thought was…do they realize how much stupid shit is already flooding FaceBook? While their user base grows, the quality of content lessens, and that user base is less likely to log in, unless it’s just to check their messages/post a status udpate, which is really what we’re trained to do with it…

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