Facebooks walled garden is increasingly less relevant


Recently I mentioned Facebooks great walls are holding back garbage, with regards to a must read Wired article titled Great Wall of Facebook: The Social Network’s Plan to Dominate the Internet — and Keep Google Out.

Facebook’s personalized search, widely accepted as their best path towards maximum monetization, is becoming increasingly less relevant as our real social connections, both online and off, now have the ability to rise to the top of the most coveted spot online; Our search results page. Google Social Search is a just launched, opt-in experiment within Google labs.

“It’s strongly connected to Google Profiles and Gmail. For example, if you add a link to your Twitter page on your Google profile, Google will find the people you follow and the content they produce: blogs, photo albums, videos, reviews. If your query returns useful results from your social connections, Google will display the results at the bottom of the search results pages.” Also Included in your search results are items from your Google Reader subscriptions and websites, public profiles, and other content linked to from your friends’ profiles.

Social search includes results from the public connections of your immediate circle of friends. In other words, friends of friends are counted as members of your social search. Think of them as ‘friend of a friend’ recommendations that take place in the real world more often than we may realize. Your trusted sources are also being included in your social circle via the content you’ve chose to subscribe to in Google Reader.

What makes Google’s approach to personalized, or social search, more relevant than Facebook’s is that Google is using content of a much higher value. Content that your immediate circle and extended circle are creating and trusting on the rest of the internet. Add this wide network to your search and you’re looking at seemingly limitless, very high value, and pretty damn relevant, search results.

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  1. Interesting stuff Foxxyz, thanks for the link. It’s pretty amazing that it’s so cheap to store every bit, that the thought of deleting never crosses our mind. Until it’s too late of course.

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