Google’s dropping H.264 from Chrome a step backward for openness

Maybe Google views themselves as adept as Apple, and are convinced that cutting off any “weaker alternatives” is the only way to get, what they believe to be, the superior WebM codec into the real world. I bet they even believe that someday this decision will be heralded as a great step forward. Like Apple with the floppy drive.

A nice tidbit on Google’s “openness” stance:

If openness is so important that Google is willing to remove features from Chrome, there is no way that the company should be shipping Flash in Chrome.


… <video> will now become: the iOS fallback tag. Flash will remain the preferred solution for “real” browsers, and the only people using <video> will be those catering to iOS.

Fallback tag? With the way things are going, iOS will NOT be considered the fallback!