Friday Link Day

Add a preview pane in Gmail

You can enable the feature by turning it on from the Labs tab in your Gmail settings

Natural user interface is a red herring, what we really need is a Dyson sphere

I would argue that instead of attempting to make our computer interaction look more like “real life” or be more “physical,” the UX designer should attempt to make humans more efficient by capturing and utilizing a larger portion of the user’s existing output (through new and existing sensors in our devices), instead of just capturing a different, contrived sort of output.

iPad Head Girl

From the comments:

Four ipads on her head and she was reading a real book? Shows just how useful iPads are.

How to Build a Newsroom Time Machine

Florida Atlantic University student newspaper, the University Press recently created an entire issue, the ‘old’ way.

“Manual typewriters didn’t have a number 1 key. They used a lower-case L instead.”