ego media launched a redesign…

ego media launched a redesign… high quality stuff if you take the time to go through it all. According to this article; napster file sharing is down 90%. I myself haven’t touched it in quite some time… I’m probably a couple weeks behind on this one; but had so much information pouring in; it couldn’t have all been classified as “fucked” so he started to show off his soft side; or maybe to kiss some ass… There’s this article on zdnet about web enabled billboards, allowing the advertisers to update ad campaigns in real time… In the most recent issue of the industry standard there’s an article on how advertisers are getting free ad space, bacause after their paid time is up, there’s no one to take over their space. Which one is it? Future Power and Apple Settled the imac rip off suit. Future Power will not be able to sell it’s 15inch all in one imac rip off until the year 2004.

The “WebsiteRecyclingCompany” has picked up

The “WebsiteRecyclingCompany” has picked up failed businesses’ web sites, the code behind them, and some hardware… all to resell to potential failing businesses. They are 3 weeks old, and so far have sold zero. According to a cnet article, internet users spend about 60 percent of their time online using products and services owned by just 14 companies. About 50% of each users time is spent on sites&services owned by none other than; AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo and Napster. useless information. Some good words about apples final cut pro. Napster rubs elbows with large corporations to carry out plans on selling their music. Napster swears, this time it’s legal. I always preferred sega to the others, even if I was pissed when I got the sega master system instead of Nintendo, about 10 years ago. [ I really have no idea how long ago it was, but let’s go with 10 ] So I was disappointed when I heard that they were stopping production of their hardware. Now they’re teaming up w/ sony&others to offer cross-platform gaming for the first time.

Sixers won it; absolute “controlled”

Sixers won it; absolute “controlled” mayhem in the streets last night… Just completed those storyboards for the flash intro… Kinda ghetto. Never made it to the Wilkes-Barre event… working on ghettocooler all day&night; Hopefully I’ll have some new shite up soon. I’ve been thinking about dropping the whole soupenvy thing too; focusing on this. The client doesn’t know it yet; but the first “unedited” version of is live. There’s still changes that need to be made. What the hell, may I ask is confusing about the new domain names? They dedicated an article to it here. My advice: don’t buy one… worthless.

I’ve been working on this

I’ve been working on this resume site; but not sure where to go with it. It seems as though even two personal sites should have a clear definition of it’s purpose.

Saw Traffic; good film; But I’m fully annoyed with blockbusters outrageous prices.

To watch the films on (you’ve seen the commercials) you’ll need to install the BMW film player. I don’t know how I feel about this. For mac the download is 7 megs, a breeze here; but on a modem, not gonna happen. How much more enhancement can be going on to justify downloading another player. After downloading the player, installing it, then waiting for 2 quite large [ about 19 mb a piece ] films; They played in the background, not minding the fact that I was for the most part, completely uninterested; as I organized my bills that I can’t afford to pay.

Finally ordered another drive for

Finally ordered another drive for my camera, and it came with a 16 mb card… good stuff. I came across this photo of Randy finishing up his 21st birthday. Note the time. Tone turned 23 last week too, happy belated. >> will be acquired by PC Connection inc; >> Who, after being laid off, is worried about their old email addresses and voicemail? Just the employers. >> In Canada some wireless company is offering free wap site space… I think… something like that… It would probably help if I read the entire article.

Saw two movies this weekend

Saw two movies this weekend; and Requim for a Dream. Startup was wholesale jerseys real good; It had real Azubi people behaving like real people, and Energia2016 some laugh out loud parts; you get over the fact that the ceo looks like the who roc pretty quickly.

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» Fox ups the antie an with it’s planet of the apes global reading marketing scheme.

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» Several will jump ship after aol’s price increase, unfortunately for them, they mind a safe haven with msn.

For those of you who

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Fast Company magazine you estate should pick up a copy; It should be required reading if you’re at all interested in the Wordculture internet and the businesses that make it happen. wholesale jerseys Today a Ghetto member president: went out to wholesale NFL jerseys lunch with the associate editor wholesale NBA jerseys of the aforementioned periodical, Heath Row. Despite the imitation beef, lunch was en good and conversation rampant. Heath later lead the Philadelphia Fast Company local cell in discussion. Despite the fact that this is not news you care about; Ghetto presses then on…

if you’re reading this… then

if you’re reading this… then you’re one of the first and few. This is the first “section” @ ghettocooler. We don’t have much to say except that it’s purely experimental, so please e me your thoughts and most importantly your "news". We need all the help we can get. I guess the news section is pretty obvious as to what it will contain, except that it will be news Ghettocooler thinks you should hear, like beefcakes‘ cd release on fearless records (old news by now), and how Ghettocooler met one of the creators of; A well designed site, focusing on Philadelphias night life. So for your daily intake of useless information be sure to check here first.