Amateur construction in Brooklyn


Our basic 4 bedroom layout; quickly updated to include a window in each room.

After a late night run to the local depot, we secured our goods, preparing for the 55 mph BQE.

Chalk lines were layed down and most of the bottom runners put in place.

dirty ass bdubs.

We later drew cards for the room selections, my 9 of diamonds was the second highest, I chose this one.

The start of the hallway.

Chris is a skinny ass white boy with big hair, for some reason he looks super diesel in this photo.

Casiel’s skinny ass white boy build shows in photos. Measuring and cutting the floor & ceiling runners.

We got into a rhythm and banged these frames out in about 9 hours total. Not bad for non-union laborers.

The entire time I was thinking there’d be no way to attach a stud to this brick section, worked out no problem… Drill holes first, and do it in between the bricks.

Eats & Colts.

We had to pause and move this pile of crap for the 4th and final room.

3 foot hallway.

Ghetto ass door headers, very little measuring involved.

Somehow, these 2 locals ended up turning our living room into a Dr. Dre’s radio show after hours dance club.

3rd day in – After a disasterous first attempt at drywalling I placed a call to an old journeyman friend, and everything fell into place. Drywalling is not as easy as it sounds.

Again, the hallway w/ some drywall up.

Mad progress in just a couple hours; At this point the fun of it had pretty much worn off, and now it’s just hard work. I always thought Manual Labor was the president of Mexico.

We plan on saving the spackling and painting for a later date. yeah right.


5 minutes later.Check out phatgas’ version of the construction