Icon Factory is now open for business. — I thought the typical path was to go from many clients to none, not the other way around. It just goes to show you, there’s nothing wrong with having clients.

Google search is constantly getting smarter. Well, it has been smart for quite some time. This autocomplete of search results feature was added way back in 2009. I swear, I just noticed this in the wild last week. And the Google Operating System blog only reported on it recently.

Carl Icahn just recently saved my father-in-law’s job at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City. Not just his job, but thousands of jobs. That doesn’t mean I like the guy. Icahn, that is. My father-in-law is fantastic. But, there is a lot of work to be done around the house, so perhaps letting the Taj go bankrupt wouldn’t have been the worst thing to happen. At any rate, it turns out Icahn is one of Apple’s 10 biggest shareholders. So that’s where his wealth is coming from.

The Making and Effectiveness of an App Preview — David Smith dives into the sales numbers of his iOS app, Pedometer++ after adding an preview video.

Apple Watch developers discuss their plans.

how to stop moaning in sleepAnd with the head down, you can instantly paralyze yourself and often cause death. This is something you absolutely want to avoid. And it goes with catching the ball. You can’t catch what you can’t see so you definitely want to make sure you look at what you’re tackling. So you want to make sure that your head is up. Trump expanded his conspiracy theory when asked about the debates during an interview for Sunday’s “This Week” on ABC: “Well, I’ll cheap oakleys outlet tell you what I don’t like. It’s against two NFL games. I got a letter from the NFL saying, ‘This is ridiculous. Why are the debates against’ ’cause the NFL doesn’t Replica Oakley Sunglasses wanna go against the debates.Cough suppressants. Like anything, this will work great for some, and do nothing for others. Make sure that what you take is a cough suppressant, like Dextromethorphan, and not Guaifenesin, since it is a mucus thinner, which can actually make you cough more frequently and should be used during the daytime. Codeine is also very good at relieving coughs, http://www.ray-banbaratas.top but can only be gotten http://www.yknfljerseyswholesale5.com through a prescription, and it can be habit forming. TryThe film isn’t perfect, and certainly not Lee’s strongest ” you can almost feel certain sequences being rushed due to complications with this technology. But there’s also a looking down at your own life quality to the entire experiment. Maybe we do dream in 120 frames per second. Maybe the movies will catch up with that. Then again, wasn’t nfl jerseys china listed on the injury report before that game. And now he is, for a game two weeks later? What’s the piece of information that we’re missing? Did he tweak something against the Niners, or during a workout early this week?Brady isn’t one who wants to miss a snap in practice, let alone two days of snaps.The Governor famously made an appearance in Season 5 during one of Tyreese’s hallucinations. When asked if he’s making future appearances on the show, the actor said, “I don’t know is the answer,” but, because he enjoyed replica oakleys the experience so much, he added, “To be honest, I would go down to Georgia and go to the set of ‘The Walking Dead’ in order to make them tea for an episode.”Pittsburgh just doesn’t have the manpower in the secondary to matchup with the Redskins receiving corps. The Steelers defense will be Fake Oakleys Cheap forced to play a lot of zone coverage in order to stay out of bad one on one matchups, and there are few tight ends in the league better at finding soft spots in zones than Reed. Expect Kirk Cousins to target him all night.

Gone Phishin’

Last summer, Gmail added support for Latin characters. It turns out, they’re pretty useful for spammers getting their phish on.

Be careful with this message. Someone might be trying to trick you by using similar-looking characters (such as Σ and E) in the email addresses contained in this message.

So let me get this straight. I’m not only supposed to read an email’s from address, but I’m supposed to pay special attention to each character?

My father once left himself logged in to Paypal on a library computer, losing all of $30. God knows what he’s been clicking on these days.

Now “Deflategate” appears to have done almost irreparable damage to Belichick and star quarterback Tom Brady. An under inflated ball is easier to throw and catch, especially in the poor weather in which the AFC Championship Game was played, and the Patriots had 11 of their 12 balls under the legal minimum. An NFL investigation is ongoing.Google is wholesale nfl jerseys under contract to purchase 12 acres of land for a built to suit across the street from 12655 Jefferson and adjacent to the former Spruce Goose hangar, where Google signed a 300,000 square foot lease. We’ve completed plans for the property, its redevelopment as a creative office space and already had over 125,000 square feet of tours and inquiries. We expect to see significant demand for 12655 Jefferson as it’s one of only 2 remaining large blocks of space available for single tenant occupancy in the submarket and offers adjacency NBA Jerseys Cheap to the Playa Vista development and runway, Fake Oakley Outle a 220,000 square foot lifestyle wholesale jerseys china retail wholesale jerseys china center filled with restaurants and amenities.CBS Corporation’s (NYSE:CBS) CBS network has been struggling with lower ratings, and a shift in advertising dollars from television to digital media has put pressure on advertising revenue growth. While the company is likely to see near term growth in advertising from its NFL coverage and increased political spending in 2016, in the medium to long run, the company is likely to face the heat from continued growth of alternative video platforms, such as Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) and Hulu. There are fewer viewers for traditional television than in even recent years and CBS has felt the effect, as have other media companies. While there still remains uncertainty around the ratings environment, the company’s licensing business has grown strongly and is expected to continue this trajectory. In fact, as more avenues of streaming come into the market, CBS may be able to generate more revenues in the form of content licensing fees and add incremental revenues of $2 billion over our current forecast. This could trigger a 10% upside to the stock, in our opinion.This incident from long before Trump became a household name is an ideal exemplar for his business career, in which he has repeatedly left bitterness and ruin in his wake. His destructive behaviour spurred by recklessness, arrogance wholesale jerseys and an unslakable thirst for vengeance has victimised cheap jerseys cities, businesses, investors, partners, even members of his own family. Trump is now completing his biggest and most astonishing demolition: tearing down the Republican Party.

Days Before Xmas

Richard Pryor, A Comedy Pioneer Who Was ‘Always Whittling On Dynamite’
This story opens with a poignant look at racism from the 70’s which is incredibly relevant, still today.

Chris Rock On Finding The Line Between Funny And ‘Too Far’
Chris Rock is fantastic.

How Girls Are Developing Earlier In An Age Of ‘New Puberty’
Super interesting, particularly if you’re raising a girl.

go outside with your kids every dayAs Satya said in his letter to you, we are proud of the progress we have made over the past year and equally excited about the opportunities ahead for our company. Over the past year, we’ve built momentum in each of the ambitions while investing in our future and positioning the company for new growth. We also remain committed to a strong corporate governance framework and routinely evaluate our governance practices to maintain strong accountability, shareholder rights and transparent policies. Acting in line with Microsoft’s commitment to best practices in corporate governance, the board is proposing changes to Microsoft’s articles of incorporation that would reduce NFL Jerseys China the percentage of shares outstanding required to call a http://www.elitecheapnfljerseysauthentic.com http://www.cheapjerseys-nfl.com special shareholder meeting. We believe this step is in the best interest of our shareholders.One of the fastest growing types of football leagues are http://www.cheapjerseysupplyforyou.com a variation of the game you played back in elementary school flag football. Leagues are set up through your city recreation department or even through national organizations that have affiliates in your city. And here’s the great thing you can choose the league that best suits your skill level. Whether you’re the ultra competitive type that doesn’t mind a little pushing and shoving or you’re someone who just wants to have a little fun, there’s a level suited for you.In an interview with Peopleshe revealed a coping mechanism she learned: ‘Whenever I was in treatment and I had the urge to do something that was harmful to myself ,whether it was self harming or was just something that wasn’t good for me, my treatment team told me to distract myself.’I’m not trying to bash digital; it’s just that different technologies cheap nfl jerseys excel at different things and analog is great in situations where it’s necessary to read status that varies on a continuing scale, such as voltages (digital can’t do it because it only deals in “1” and “0” or “on” and “off”). As you can see, Iconix owns quite the diverse list of consumer product names, clothing brands, and sporting Cheap Football Jerseys apparel. The company is transitioning into a worldwide leader in brand management. The company has now forecasted that number to hit 33% in fiscal 2013. With recent international product launches and new joint ventures, it is only a matter of time before that number hits 50% and the company’s revenue stream multiplies.So what we also typically dance to is the in between notes, sometime called the eighth notes and as dancers we usually call it the and so what that might sound like is and one and two and three and four and five and six and seven and eight and what that could typically look like when you’re dancing, it could be and one and two and three and four and five and six and seven and eight. http://www.cheapjerseyssalestore.com

The War on Parents

The War on Parents

Where is the scientific basis for the notion that Joe Average Kid is made into a better human being by playing soccer against kids that are six hours away by car?

Joe Montana is synonymous with San Francisco, and when he decided to put roots back down in the city, he chose to live in the city premiere high rise The Millennium Tower. The building is in the SoMa/Financial district of San Francisco and is the tallest residential building in the city. It was designed for luxury living and the management company strives to make the building a vertical community one where neighbors get together to network and socialize. Montana and his wife Jennifer are the heart of those social gatherings at The Millennium Tower, hosting fundraisers, parties and networking events for the Millennium community. Where will the real estate investment be? Right next to a brand new stadium that being erected for his former football team. Paying further homage to the San Francisco 49ers, Montana is executing the project with former team owner and now business partner Eddie DeBartolo.There are some interesting career avenues that pay well from which you can choose a seemingly unconventional job, and be assured of plentiful returns at the same time. Some people are very uncomfortable with the idea of working without a base salary; this job is most certainly not for them. This is a career choice made by someone who has a flair for talking to people, and is very confident. The bottom line is that, the more an individual can manage to sell, the Cheap Oakleys greater will be the salary. There are some investment bankers, car salesmen and electronic store salesmen who actually manage to make more than $100,000 per year, and there are diverse career opportunities in this field. The reward here is that the job can fetch you around $50,000 for those 8 http://www.cheapnfljerseyssu.com weeks if you have enough experience. This is one of the most dangerous jobs cheap nfl jerseys around though, but for someone looking to make some good money while battling it out with the elements, what could be better than this adventure. There are similar fishing jobs like fishing for swordfish, which pay just as well, the ‘catch’ nfl jerseys shop here being the tremendous risk involved because of the adverse conditions out at sea.Oh im sorry. I must’ve missed that thread. To be honest, i don’t have an opinion on this, as the only ones that Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online know the truth is the bears and cutler himself. However, if he http://www.cheapjerseys-nfl.com did fake his injury, then it might be in Chicago’s best interest to look for another quarterback. after all, http://www.cheapnfljerseysx.com everyone knows that every superbowl winning team, with the exception of the ravens, all had great quarterback leaders. therefore, if cutler faked his injury, then that’s a bad sign to have a weak insufficient leader wimp out like that.


Conversation, MLK

Time Magazine has some great Martin Luther King photo galleries including Rare Photos at Home and Dr. Martin Luther King, JR. Rare and unpublished photographs of the civil rights movement. I’m sure web surfers around the globe would love to see these twice as large. Which is kind of possible, should you take some time to dig through Google Images with source:life.

Some amazing shots including, The Firing Line (large), Military Escort and, pictured above, Conversation… MLK on explaining to his daughter why she could not go to Funtown, a whites-only amusement park: “One of the most painful experiences I have ever faced was to see her tears when I told her Funtown was closed to colored children, for I realized the first dark cloud of inferiority had floated into her little mental sky.” To keep the Time links going, they do an interesting multimedia piece on the assasination of Martin Luther King as well.

On civil rights fronts, there’s been some great content on the two gay marriage cases that are headed to the Supreme Court. A Risky Proposal: Is It Too Soon to Petition the Supreme Court on Gay Marriage?, and Terry Gross discusses with the author, Margaret Talbot, what the decision of this case will mean for gay rights. Margaret Talbot is also blogging the progress of Perry v. Schwarzenegger for the New Yorker. Go go human rights!