Still doing some work on it – but we launched emericawildinthestreets.com for this years Philadelphia event. Used this css based navigation technique that seems to be the way to go (for sites w/only a few nav items at least). Randy designed it. Working on a spot where kids can enter in their own Wild on the Streets events.

Lengthy but sweet essay on social bookmarking and the dissection of tagging.

Yahoos’ 360 will send myspace the way of friendster. Hit me up if you want an invite. While these sites suck, yahoo has got some proper shit going on.

etnies site

We launched etnies “I Wish” yesterday, a spot where kids can go & rate the ads in a campaign that’s running right now… More ads get added as they appear in various magazines. WordPress makes it super easy to schedule a post for the future, so little updating has to be done. We’re trying out that Firefox link prefetching jam, the votio plugin, gamerz polls, and using the amazingly simple get custom field values for each ad’s magazine info.

Mets lost their first 4. Worst start in 41 years.

Wow – combine google maps and craigslist’s apartments for rent, for amazing results (via boing boing)

Latest work

Yeah, so I’ve been out west for a little over a week now. Even though I managed to get Randy’s beach cruiser stolen, things have been pretty chill. The second week at sole tech is proving better than the first, with the launch of an éS footwear blog, cause blogging_is the best part. It’s actually been added to the main navigation on éS footwear, which I’m pretty psyched about. Oh & there’s an opening for a flash designer out here too. And I think I found an apartment, right on a bay, complete with a porch overlooking sailboats & shit…

Recent launches

Please, please, humor me. I’ve been focusing my attention on a recent site that launched a couple of days ago. Myself, and some others, are looking for ways we can improve upon this recent site launch (WiMaxxed.com). We’d like to make it look better, make it work better, and most importantly make it a more productive member of internet society.

YOU use the web, you know what you like & you know what you dislike. You enjoy certain colors, you dislike others. Please spend a minute on the site WiMaxxed.com, collect your thoughts, recall your clicks, note your annoyances, mark your impressions (mentally), and then join in the discussion. Review what others have said and add your own thoughts at the bottom of the discussion page.

You’ll find quite a few commments & remarks left there already. Some are constructive. Some are worthless. Some are over your head. Most are not. A lot are from me (Bill), because I value your input. I emplore you, fill out forms, subscribe to the feeds, let me know what the hell you think.

Post anonymously, that’s cool, but there’s mos def more of you out there. Some of you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about half the time, others realize I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about half the time. I don’t care, please tell me what you think.

CSS, baby

From evolt.org’s Ten CSS tricks you may not know, my favorite:

Two classes together

Usually attributes are assigned just one class, but this doesn’t mean that that’s all you’re allowed. In reality, you can assign as many classes as you like! For example:
<p class=”text side”>…</p>

Using these two classes together (separated by a space, not with a comma) means that the paragraph calls up the rules assigned to both “text” and “side”. If any rules overlap between the two classes then the class which is below the other in the CSS document will take precedence.

A face for radio

Al Gore’s cable tv network is hiring “vloggers” – “The sad reality of TV is that young adult viewers are coveted, but not really asked to participate. You can be characters, but rarely creators. We want to change all that. And with your help, we will create shows that are bold, irreverent, intelligent and relevant to the passions and experiences of our audience.” (via boing boing)

My favorite part is that the fledgling network pushed back the application deadline because “you all asked for it”.

Young adults requesting a deadline extension? I’m loving the irony. This should make for great television.