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I Am An Object Of Internet Ridicule, Ask Me Anything

For all the hateful words that were lobbed at me, it barely ever bubbled over from the world of online forums and websites. I received zero angry emails, only a few mean tweets. My Facebook was never broken into and vandalized—my typewriter remains unsmashed, no one has ever threatened violence towards me in real life. Instead, there are these pockets of the web that are small and ignorable, filled with hate for a picture of me, for this idea of a hipster—for the audacity of bringing a typewriter to a park.


At the bottom of the biggest underwater cave in the world, diving deeper than almost anyone had ever gone, Dave Shaw found the body of a young man who had disappeared ten years earlier. What happened after Shaw promised to go back is nearly unbelievable—unless you believe in ghosts.


Twenty-one years ago this month, on September 6, 1992, the decomposed body of Christopher McCandless was discovered by moose hunters just outside the northern boundary of Denali National Park. He had died inside a rusting bus that served as a makeshift shelter for trappers, dog mushers, and other backcountry visitors.

A Death in Valdosta

Multisport athlete Kendrick Johnson was found dead in his Georgia high school’s gymnasium in January. Authorities ruled it an accident, but Johnson’s family believes something very different — and a second autopsy appears to support their suspicions.

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Sprites, Semantics & Scalability: A Demo with Playing Cards
I finally understand percentage based background-size and background-position, as the opportunity to build a set of responsive, single-sprite playing cards, recently presented itself.

Semantic CSS With Intelligent Selectors
Ultimately, reading this piece has led me to take the HTML5 ROLE attribute seriously.

I have yet to put this library of pre-built CSS3 animations to use, but certainly, I must.

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Longmire, Season 1 (Netflix Watch Instantly)
Entertaining westernish, one crime per episode, usually ends in a shootout.

Broadchurch, Season 1
Greatly paced, no-frills, who-done-it murder mystery.

Derek (Netflix Watch Instantly)
Surely you’ve seen this already. I called my grandmother, just to say hello.

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Photoshop CS6

Photoshop CS6

First is support for Autosave and background saving. Gone are the horrors of losing hours of editing due to a crash or waiting seemingly endless minutes while a large image is being saved. This change alone is worth upgrading for anyone who uses Photoshop every day.

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In-App Ads Consume Mucho Battery Life

In-App Ads Consume Mucho Battery Life via ★

Up to 75 per cent of the energy used by free versions of Android apps is spent serving up ads or tracking and uploading user data: running just one app could drain your battery in around 90 minutes.

10 cracked social media posts that crushed it this weekThe Walt Disney Co.’s (NYSE:DIS) shares trade at $75 and have been steadily increasing over the last year. The nearly 40% increase was the result of increasing investor confidence in Disney’s stock. The company holds an extremely strong portfolio of products on which it depends to deliver investors profits. ESPN, the most watched sports channel in the US, holds a more than 90% penetration rate in the market and exclusive rights to some of the most popular sports events including the NFL, NBA and FIFA is in Disney’s portfolio. In this article, we will glimpse at Disney’s stock, its operational performance and what value it holds for the future.This may be harsh criticism, but severed baby heads are awful narrators. For discount football jerseys the entire issue, they explain every obvious thing happening in each panel, while cheerfully floating next to their own pointless narration. All future comic creators should take note when creating a dramatic fight scene, try Replica Oakley Sunglasses not to float a grinning, cherubic baby head over Cheap Football Jerseys it.”OK, looks like Cap is climbing a thing to fight the guy! And while I have you here, energy conservationThis week on For the Record: Football’s reckoning. Click the audio link on this page to listen to the full interviews.’s father, Dave Duerson, a defensive cheap nfl jerseys back who played most of his pro football career with the Chicago Bears, killed himself in 2011 wholesale football jerseys in his Miami home. Duerson was part of the legendary ’85 team that won the Super Bowl, and five years http://www.cheapjerseysupplyforyou.com later helped the New York Giants win their own championship.In League of Legends, teams combine to guide sword wielding avatars across a finite landscape comprising three roughly parallel paths running through jungle, meeting an opposing team in the process. Battling against human operated and computer generated characters, each team seeks to win control of the opposition’s home base. A game lasts about half an hour.In conclusion, cell phones should be allowed in public places. They are very useful in emergencies cheap oakleys and can save lives. As long as people know when the right time to use them, there should be no problem. So don’t be the guy who ruins everyone’s movie by keeping your cell on. Cells need to be used with moderation and responsibility.He invented a fetish and discovered a way to diagnose ruptured bowels at the same time, though now that we think about it, those two things usually come in pairs. Dr. Senn’s previous inflation experiments were done on dogs, and they did not go well, unless you consider exploding and combusting dogs a positive result. This is a man who saw a dog explode and said, “Guys, I have an idea. Let’s try that in my butt.”

Friday Link Day

Add a preview pane in Gmail

You can enable the feature by turning it on from the Labs tab in your Gmail settings

Natural user interface is a red herring, what we really need is a Dyson sphere

I would argue that instead of attempting to make our computer interaction look more like “real life” or be more “physical,” the UX designer should attempt to make humans more efficient by capturing and utilizing a larger portion of the user’s existing output (through new and existing sensors in our devices), instead of just capturing a different, contrived sort of output.

iPad Head Girl

From the comments:

Four ipads on her head and she was reading a real book? Shows just how useful iPads are.

How to Build a Newsroom Time Machine

Florida Atlantic University student newspaper, the University Press recently created an entire issue, the ‘old’ way.

“Manual typewriters didn’t have a number 1 key. They used a lower-case L instead.”

Magazines on the iPad

For New Yorker on iPad, Words Are the Thing – NYTimes

The New Yorker magazine takes a lot of heat for using Adobe’s iPad publishing tool. It outputs files with large footprints, unselectable copy, and little support for native iPad features, like pinch and zoom. Their numbers show though, that in the end, the bells and whistles matter much less than you may think.

Offering the first detailed glimpse into iPad magazine sales since subscriptions became available in the spring, The New Yorker said that it now had 100,000 iPad readers, including about 20,000 people who bought subscriptions at $59.99 a year.

The New Yorker, a magazine that has always been heavy on text, took a different tack from its peers. Instead of loading its iPad app with interactive features, the magazine focused on presenting its articles in a clean, readable format.

And then there’s the ability for print subscribers to download any issue on the iPad. This is the direction all print publications need to head.

…More than 75,000 people have taken advantage of the magazine’s offer to allow print subscribers to download the app free.

Give me great content and a usable delivery platform and I’ll give you my money. Plain and simple.

And from an interview with David Remnick in November 2010:

He said there are vast possibilities for interactive reading that will appear on the New Yorker’s iPad, but those will come when he establishes a proper subscription model so that there is a critical mass of people consuming the materal;

You can’t force a new medium. Take Wired magazine for example, also owned by New Yorker parents, Conde-Nast; their content has consistently declined while they’ve revamped layout and interactivity in both their print and iPad versions.