Upenn College of General Studies


I’ve been working on this for the past few weeks or so, and it just got sent out to a bunch of beta testers w/in the company today…
The first feedback I get is: “Well, why does it look like this in netscape 4.7”?, “we have to do something about this”!… While I’m not too suprised, it fully throws a wrench in my gears.

The University of Pennsylvania has there very own department dedicated to web standards, it probably employs around 30 people. I think they want to support netscape 4.7; even though they gave me the go ahead with standards compliancy. I’m not sure they knew what web standards entail. I’m starting to remember why I don’t want to work for corporate America, even if it is an educational institution.

Granted, the sites nothing too challenging design wise, but it’s my first real use of PHP (pulls random images&displays navigation based on a section and subsection variable) and uses a header&footer to simplify content updates. It’s also my first site with no tables what-so-over (I think, except for where the data called for it)… and the whole w3c css&html 4.01 transitional compliancy thing

There was a TON of content, all from a super outdated site that hasn’t been touched in at least a year… This project was most definately more of an information design experience than anything else, if such a thing exists…

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