Toread? More like the past tense!


I don’t see myself using the iPad on the subway. I know it’s price tag amounts to nearly the monthly wages of the guy sitting next to me. Surely he can better spend the money I’ve wasted on this thing. I will however, use it in the park. While I’m often mistaken for the Greenpoint neighborhood native, Polish, my hip ass outfits are a dead giveaway that I’m really part of the gentrification. Why not add an iPad? As long as we’re not on top of each other in a tin can under the ground, I’m OK with people knowing that I make more money than them.

After just about two weeks w/ my magically revolutionary iPad, I’ll say that just like the conclusions arrived at, I’ve been reading, reading, reading. Not books. I am looking forward to giving that a try though, as reading is really quite enjoyable on this thing. If only the iBook store had costs similar to that of the public library. Instapaper Pro is the must have app. I’ve re-tagged many a ‘toread‘ as ‘read‘ with afternoon breaks in the park. I also find myself actually finishing the editors picks in the NY Times Editors’ Choice app and very much so, admiring the photography in The Guardian Eyewitness app. It’s rare to read past the headline or take a minute to absorb, when a screen is involved. This thing has brought the focus back.

Throw in a handful of other great uses, like email for Susan, our shared calendars (yay for caldav), and actually deriving some pleasure out of the hundreds of photos we take weekly, via the photo slideshow mode… and this thing has totally replaced that large footprint laptop on the kitchen table in our teeny tiny apartment. So far, it seems to be the internet-enabled appliance we’ve all been promised since the dawn of the web.

Xyle Scope

Sure, the Firefox web developer toolbar is fabulous for lots of quick information gathering, but when you need to go a little further it can fall flat on its face.

That’s why I use Xyle Scope.

Don’t let the safari look fool you, this most certainly is NOT a plugin for that subpar browser. It’s a stand alone application that lets you dive into your CSS efficiently & effectively.

Do you ever find yourself asking:

Where’s that extra padding coming from?
What selectors are affecting this H2?
I swear I overwrote this particular class…

Find your answers to these questions and more, get Xyle Scope today!

iTunes Activity

Tabloid Wars episode one is available for free download via the iTunes music store. If you haven’t watched it and missed all the reruns, you might as well go grab it. While you have iTunes open, grab the recently deployed éS Footwear podcast too. You’ll be SO in the know that you’ll have it before the iTunes podcast directory even has it listed!

As users increase their activity, especially users who ride skateboards, these home brewed RSS feeds will only improve:

Skate Video (go tag some video files):

Or any video:

My Network Thinks Like Me

Just the other day I was thinking how nice it would be if I could get my library book due dates into iCal. The library already sends out automated emails reminding you when your books are coming due, that’s a pretty nice starting point. Surely it would be pretty easy using apple mail to setup a rule that creates an iCal event. However, I use Entourage. It wouldn’t be worth the switch, but was probably doable using Entourage and maybe some applescript anyway. I forgot about it.

Library Books This morning I was peeping all the links in my network, as I love to do, and low and behold came across a piece of software called Library Books. Ten minutes later, I’ve got an iCal Calendar reminding me when my Library books are due!

I don’t recall how I came across the particular user who added the link of interest, probably a blog I enoyed, but at some point I was interested in what the user was linking and added them to my network. Add enough users who share like interests and over time, the network will actually begin to reflect your very thoughts! Wow, that’s exciting!

itunes, Flash video & I hate to say it – vodcasts

Itunes enables you to subscribe to various podcasts, of course. A podcast is really just an RSS feed – get a feed w/ some video in it – and you’ve got yourself a dynamic, self updating, video resource. To hunt down new skateboarding videos for example, simpy add as a podcast.

skateboarding podcasts

The only problem is – there’s not that many videos tagged with skateboarding. At least not on delicious. There’s a few, & as delicious gains users, it’s worth it to add it as a podcast, but YouTube’s similiar feed ( is looking much better. Twenty new skate videos in the last 12 days, over 2,000 total. The problem here is, naturally, itunes doesn’t support .FLV’s; which happen to be the up & coming format for video on the web.

With all those ipods & itunes users out there – you’d hope apple will try & support as many formats as possible. They of course, don’t have a record for this sort of thing – so keep your eyes open for third party software, or keep your FLV’s in your browser.

On a mac

What browser seems faster? Safari or Firefox? I’ve been using firefox on my mac for so long now, I decided to do a little webbernet surfing w/ safari this morning. It seems much quicker. Pages are rendering faster, there’s no delays when switching between tabs, I’m lovin it. I don’t remember it always being like this. Perhaps it’s the updated Safarai (2.0) that came w/ Tiger?

What’s YOUR favorite part?

Mozilla released firefox, Deer Park Alpha 1 with a slew of support for the latest & greatest.

What Web dev features in Deer Park Alpha 1 are you looking most forward to?

Some portions that I look forward to include, but are not limited to:

  1. The outline property – “Outlines may be non-rectangular” – how sweet is that?
  2. Multi-column layout – (of course, we all want this)
  3. (continued) Support of basic css3 selectors
  4. overflow-x and overflow-y properties

Unfortunately, as we continue to develop for IE on both the mac & pc, these techniques will continue to go unused. Who else wants a simple input[type=”radio”] to work cross-browser? In preperation for the day these sweet joints can be utilized freely, let’s celebrate and declare classes that cleary overwrite our css3 selectors!!

Are you using the Deer Park release of Firefox yet? Have you read through the latest supported features? What’s YOUR future favorites?

Safari background img bug

Running into the bug mentioned on this css-discuss archive:

When the container div is set to the exact size of the background image AND the background position is other than 0 0 (px,cm,pt,em) then the background position is ALWAYS repeated, even if position-repeat has been set to no-repeat.

Here’s a related example of the bug (This one happens when the bg img is positioned to anything other than 0 0, and it’s container is smaller than the bg img).

This may be fixed in safari 2? We’re running 1.3 here.