Widescreen Vs. Full Screen

Widescreen vs Full Screen

Sometimes you never realize something is constantly done wrong, until you see it done right.

Most may know the difference between widescreen and full screen. But why not provide an example, like in the DVD menu of “The Visitor“. Fantastic!

I was so psyched on this, I forgive them for making it difficult to tell which option is currently selected. Does the red box indicate your current selection, or is it the yellow?


King Corn

king cornIn “King Corn” two filmmakers grow an acre of corn in Iowa and follow where & how it gets used in our food chain. It turns out, our bodies are mainly corn because everything we eat is mainly corn. You likely know a little about corn in our diets, so expand your knowledge with the fine grain corny details this film provides.

It really makes you want to eat grass fed beef only, but god damn, In N Out burger is so good.

Across the Universe

The Beatles inspired musical Across the Universe seems to have split the critics between love and hate. One scene you won’t find them discussing takes place within the first 20 minutes of the nearly 3 hour film. It’s my brother Mark’s second time on the big screen, this time in a significantly smaller role credited simply as “football player”. With no lines and less than thirty seconds of camera time, I’m amazed I managed to snap a photo at just the right moment.

Across the Universe
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Usually, if I physically rent a movie from my local blockbuster I need to remember to remove it from my Blockbuster.com rental queue. To my suprise, when I went to do just that I was welcomed with this little screen that says “Hey, you just rented this, maybe you’d like to remove it from your queue.” Why yes Blockbuster, I would – and please do this for me in the future!


By the way, as you might expect, I think I love My Wife isn’t very good, even if you are a Chris Rock fan.

Slime Across America

If you’ve got young ones in the house, drop them in front of Slime Across America on Nickelodeon, M-F 5-7. One of the hosts is a tall goofy guy on his way to the top. Your child may find him entertaining.

Check out the Slime Across America bio page which I had no idea existed because the flash would never load (thanks Jody).

Interesting tidbit: Lily, another one of the hosts, is Phil Collins’ daughter.

Links for today

  • Anderson Cooper’s mother. Who knew? Insane family history, including a brother who jumped from a 14th story window killing himself in front of his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt.
  • Arbus’ photograph “Identical Twins” is tenth on the list of most expensive photographs having sold in 2004 for $478,400. To gain credibility, she took photos of Gloria Vanderbilt’s son, Anderson Cooper.
  • “Turning her back on her wealthy, established family, Diane Arbus (Kidman) falls in with Lionel Sweeney (Downey Jr.), an enigmatic mentor who introduces Arbus to the marginalized people who help her become one of the most revered photographers of the twentieth century.” – IMDB

    While at times the pace of this film does slow a bit, Fur is a uniquely creative journey in storytelling. Using a single fictional character, we see the real Arbus become inspired to turn her lens on societies often overlooked members.

Last Comic Standing, season 5

Ant should not be a “talent scout”. I believe that in order to scout for talent, you yourself should be in possession of some. When Last Comic Standing announced Ant, a very forgettable runner up from a couple seasons ago, I thought for sure this season would be a disaster. The next 15 minutes of the show didn’t help matters. They showcase the worst of the worst right off the bat. Perhaps it’s to keep the general public watching? To kind of trick them into thinking this is some kind of American Idol or America’s got talent train wreck show? I’m not sure.
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