My Name is Earl

Apple summed up his cautions before last night’s premier nicely in his My Name is Earl review; along with a humorous Jason Lee encounter. As you’ll see in the comments there, I thought –

All the hype made me cautious as well; It can lead to expecting too much, as well as giving the appearance there’s just too much money behind it to be any good at all. I was pleasently suprised with the results, I thought it started out a bit weak but ended stronger than I was expecting. Joke wise, originality wise, not taking obvious routes-wise.

I do hope that as the show moves forward, the writing will be a bit more creative, something like the body of work behind a, say… Malcolm in the Middle.

How about the suprise role of that cotton-in-his-mouth Telly dude?

That’s right, I just used a comment on a different site as a post on this site!!

Now Playing

Has the quality of movies been steadily declining in the last 5 years? What’s Playing tonight looks weak as all hell, with the exception of March of the Penguins and perhaps Broken Flowers. Watching Bill Murray paint a wall for 2 hours would be entertaining, so I’m not necessarily dying to see the latter. 40 Year Old Virgin is clearly a dvd rental and I’ll pass on Wedding Crashers altogether.

I hear Grizzly Man is good, a flamboyant dude who lives with bears, until the bears kill him sounds entertaining but, like the penguins, I’m not feeling the urge to see it on the big screen.

When it comes to other lower budget flicks – I’ve never thought of Penn as a comedian (not a very good one anyway, great magician though) so I have little interest in an un-funny inside joke. So what the hell should Susan & I see tonight? By the way, Crash is a good rental.

The movies

I use this app called DVDpedia to keep track of my DVD collection. I wouldn’t really have a DVD collection at all, if it weren’t for a very fashionable Tivo with a DVD burner and way too many movie channels. But I’ve got em, so I’ve got some movies to keep track of.

I was drunk one night and paid $18 for this app. Thankfully, it’s well worth it. Amongst many other features, you can export your collection as HTML, which I really enjoy. My collection, in HTML format is here. It’s using a template I recently created, downloadable from the DVDpedia forums. If you use it, enjoy the first standards based template, if you’re not using it, check out the app.

Touching the Void

Part documentary, part re-creation, Touching the Void is based on Joe Simpsons’ book of the same title accounting himself & his climbing partners’ perilous mountain nightmare.

The film really does a great job portraying the pain & suffering Joe Simpson went through after shattering his leg, getting cut from his partners life line, and plunging into a crevasse. So great in fact, I believe it will instill courage in you, as it did I.

Just yesterday I suffered a sizable gash in my finger when washing some dishes. We have no peroxide in the house at all, and we all know how bad rubbing alcohol stings. My solution was to use a Q-tip, lightly applying the rubbing alcohol in the general area of my wound.

After seeing what Joe went through, I have been given the courage to liberally apply the rubbing alcohol to the entire wound, I can just pour the alcohol right on, even without the assistance of a Q-tip. When the sting hits, I just grit my teeth and think of what Joe Simpson must have been going through when he was dangling from that cliff. Thanks Joe.

Seriously though, a great movie with some excellent DVD features.

Saw two movies this weekend

Saw two movies this weekend; and Requim for a Dream. Startup was wholesale jerseys real good; It had real Azubi people behaving like real people, and Energia2016 some laugh out loud parts; you get over the fact that the ceo looks like the who roc pretty quickly.

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