Roc-A-Fella Co-Founder Kareem ‘Biggs’ Burke Pleads Guilty of Conspiracy in Massive Marijuana Ring

Roc-A-Fella Co-Founder Kareem ‘Biggs’ Burke Pleads Guilty of Conspiracy in Massive Marijuana Ring

I wonder if my NYC pot-smoking homies are feeling the pinch.

Burke was nabbed with more than 50 others in a federal drug sting called “Operation Green Venom,” which targeted a massive drug trafficking operation that dominated much of the wholesale pot market in the city.

Slight Chance of Meltdown

A Slight Chance of Meltdown

What if the Indian Point nuclear-power plant, 25 miles north of NYC, was to suffer a meltdown?

After the Fukushima meltdown, the NRC told Americans living there to clear out of a 50-mile zone. Subsequently, the Japanese government declared huge swathes of land uninhabitable for decades. The local 50-mile equivalent is a circle defined by Kingston to the north; Bridgeport, Connecticut, to the east; the Delaware Water Gap to the west; and the southern tip of Staten Island to the south. It includes all of the 8.2 million people living in New York City.

financial thingamajig


Inside Job – Fantastic episode of This American Life, “the inside story of one company that made hundreds of millions of dollars for itself while worsening the financial crisis for the rest of us”.

A hedge fund named Magnetar comes up with an elaborate plan to make money. It sponsors the creation of complicated and ultimately toxic financial securities… while at the same time betting against the very securities it helped create.

Great photographs of New York / He Took a Polaroid Every Day, Until the Day He Died / Google makes a grand entrance into the embedded font game / The Only Summer-TV Guide You’ll Ever Need

Toread? More like the past tense!


I don’t see myself using the iPad on the subway. I know it’s price tag amounts to nearly the monthly wages of the guy sitting next to me. Surely he can better spend the money I’ve wasted on this thing. I will however, use it in the park. While I’m often mistaken for the Greenpoint neighborhood native, Polish, my hip ass outfits are a dead giveaway that I’m really part of the gentrification. Why not add an iPad? As long as we’re not on top of each other in a tin can under the ground, I’m OK with people knowing that I make more money than them.

After just about two weeks w/ my magically revolutionary iPad, I’ll say that just like the conclusions arrived at, I’ve been reading, reading, reading. Not books. I am looking forward to giving that a try though, as reading is really quite enjoyable on this thing. If only the iBook store had costs similar to that of the public library. Instapaper Pro is the must have app. I’ve re-tagged many a ‘toread‘ as ‘read‘ with afternoon breaks in the park. I also find myself actually finishing the editors picks in the NY Times Editors’ Choice app and very much so, admiring the photography in The Guardian Eyewitness app. It’s rare to read past the headline or take a minute to absorb, when a screen is involved. This thing has brought the focus back.

Throw in a handful of other great uses, like email for Susan, our shared calendars (yay for caldav), and actually deriving some pleasure out of the hundreds of photos we take weekly, via the photo slideshow mode… and this thing has totally replaced that large footprint laptop on the kitchen table in our teeny tiny apartment. So far, it seems to be the internet-enabled appliance we’ve all been promised since the dawn of the web.


Parking Garage

In Google labs we have Living Stories “an experiment in presenting news, one designed specifically for the online environment…” Interesting. I recall being excited about Wikipedia’s News coverage, take the entry on Hurricane Katrina for example. The format steps away from the ‘old fashioned’ model of news as a series of historic articles and stepped into the future of news as a single, always evolving, article. Living Stories’ The War in Afghanistan for example. The future is now.

NPR visits a parking garage exhibit at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. Just a hair more interesting than it sounds. / The Japanese Addressing system, and other opposites / Some sounds from The Jazz Loft Project / New art from vasco mourao / Subscribe to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Artwork of the day RSS feed. If only they’d get to the point and offer up large images right off the bat, their subscribers would really really enjoy it. A for effort. / I dig the HTML layout of this Nolan Johnson article from the Skateboard Mag. All print-like on the web. Nice link in the second headline. Print is dead, long live print. / Movie title screens, a set of illustrations on Flickr. / Nerd alert: Optimizing HTML, some fantastic tips to steer you towards “having a solid and robust foundation to build upon”. Well said, well done. Kinda. Things get a bit carried away towards the end and they end up promoting some bad practices. Look for the gems.

week of walks, amongst more


Some fantastic walks in New York are coming up for the week of October 18-24, including “Sustainable Skyscrapers: Times Square Goes Green”… learn about the reactive interiors and intelligent materials that make up the Bank of America Tower and six more of the city’s greenest buildings. | Some Lectures of interest are taking place soon at SVA, including Jason Fried (37Signals), Callie Neylan (NPR) and Matt Mullenweg (WordPress), amongst others.

Over 1,860 issues, covering the years from 1936 to 1972 of Life Magazine are now available on Google Books. Get started by selecting a thumbnail from the thumbnails of every Life Magazine available. Dig into an individual magazine via scans of each page. More details on the Google Books blog. Google Books, Making printed material collections less relevant by the minute. Well, more relevant.

Adam, on Roger Clemens

The fact that roger Clemens has announced his return to the Yankees further cements his reputation as one of the most selfish, disingenuous, phony players of all time. After the 2003 season, after Clemens’ teary farewell tour, he swore up and down that he was not going to return, that he wanted to end his legacy as a New York Yankee, a team he claimed to have always wanted to play for. (Despite the fact that in 1997 roger could have easily played for the Yankees but took the slightly higher offer from Toronto) six months after the 2003 season however, rogers story changed when Houston gave him 14 million, plus the privilege to stay at his nearby home during non-starts, not travel with the team on road trips, only flying in on his pitching day, then leaving. Plus Houston, as a gesture of good will, drafted rogers son, Cody to play in Houston’s minor league system. All the while Clemens claiming “family time”, proximity to home, more time off as his reasons for pitching in Houston. And he also stated again (as with the Yankees), the history of Houston with stars such as Nolan Ryan and Mike Scott have always made playing in Houston a dream come true. Roger has now retired after each of the last 4 seasons and has delivered the same tired cliches each time: ‘I want to spend more time with my family, i dont need the money, the fire is gone. I want to retire in my home-state of Texas’, blah, blah, blah. But roger, like ducks in the spring, returns. But only after his offer has grown to about 18 million.
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Our Very Own Paul Rudolph

The real Orange County (NY) has had it’s very own Paul Rudolph designed building since the late 60’s. It housed both the DMV, and my probation officer!

It has 87 roofs and all of them leak, according to the NY Times. This landmark has been threatened with destruction for as long as I can remember, and I’d hate to see it go. In the past 5 years or so, the county actually built some generic garbage of a parking garage blocking a good portion of the building. The building deserved some attention, not a cover up.

Paul Rudolph