Delicious Chrome Extension

The Delicious Chrome Extension currently has 33,414 users and is rated 4/5 stars. However, until yesterday’s release, you had to manually close the popup window after you saved a new bookmark. It wasn’t unusable, but it was terribly annoying at best.

Well, suffer no more! v1.5 of the Delicious Chrome Extension automatically closes the popup after you’ve saved your bookmark; and it’s available right now!

Another well-received feature is it’s customizable keyboard shortcut. Some people like commnd-D, others like control-D or maybe you like something entirely random to save your bookmarks; It’s totally up to you.

Screenshots of v1.5 of the Delicious Chrome Extension:

The ‘Save to Delicious’ popup adds selected text to the notes field.

Customizable keyboard shortcut key.

Quick links to invoke the Save to Delicious popup, your Delicious bookmarks and your Delicious Inbox.

The extension source now lives on GitHub. Please, fork it, make it better, and send me a pull request. I’m certain there are several ways this extension can be made better. Or contribute by reporting any issues or feature requests.

Two things I can’t do

Two things I can’t do in movabletype (out the box)-

  1. Have a section for others to login in & post super hot internet links (what we’ve grown to know as, the ‘adminz’ section).
  2. Have anyone at all drop links in an anonymous bookmark section (I’m more than willing to continue removing the spam).

No clue what to do, which means it’ll take even longer to determine what it all should look like. And – any category suggestions would be beneficial.

For now, she’s back up.

For now, she’s back up. I’m switching hosts, this being the tail end of my adaptive account, which I know some of you are familiar with. I can’t get away fast enough. This host is god awful and unfortunately I had an annual account. So awful in fact, its taking me days to get all my old files via FTP… Perhaps if I kept my local & live copies a bit more in sync I could have avoided this. At any rate, All this will soon be over, and ghettocooler will be on an ultra-reliable machine. Made a couple updates on