Election 2004, LIVE coverage

Election, 2004 G-cool coverage

Thanks to php gallery, this handy iPhoto plugin, and my girlfriend, we’ve got some very serious election coverage.

Susan Lee is standing by (watching TV) in Philadelphia, the city that started it all; armed with a CNN sponsored map and a sheet of donkey & elephant stickers. As the votes come in, and the states are determined demo or repub, she will be adding her stickers accordingly and updating the election 2004 gallery. She’ll be updating this throughout the night (unless it runs too, too long) so stay tuned here for g-cools first ever, LIVE election coverage.

Little Gem Store

Little Gem Store

For those from the Goshen NY area, you may be familiar with Don Hickok, the guy who ran the local “Little Gem Store”, selling dog hair & Dead Kennedy’s albums… The same place that hosted Primary Skate Shop in it’s boiler room.

And yes, he is the same guy, as lore has it, who ran for mayor and opted for a pink bunny suit over traditional attire during the debates. It’s nice to know he’s stopped spending his time posing as a legitimate radio show caller for free Gem Store advertising, and is “On the Campaign Trail, With Trail Mix“. (Need a NYTimes login? – get one, from bugmenot.com)

Kerrys plan

Great article on Kerry’s actual plan in Iraq. I suggest you read it, lazy asses; some beautiful gems in there.

“In the liberal view, the enemy this time – an entirely new kind of ‘non-state actor’ known as Al Qaeda – more closely resembles an especially murderous drug cartel than it does the vaunted Red Army. Instead of military might, liberal thinkers believe, the moment calls for a combination of expansive diplomacy abroad and interdiction at home, an effort more akin to the war on drugs than to any conventional war of the last century.”

Debate debacle

For some reason, I recorded tonights presidential debate, and have made it available in mp3 format. The 90 minute speech came in at a rather large 60.6mb file. I’ve left it as is, If anyone out there is into optimizing things like this, please do, and send me the end results so I can repost it.

The transcript is also available from the washington post, the BBC has a cute little list of key quotes, democraticunderground.com has an article covering the low expectations of Bush, and a list of polls you should fill out, in favor of the democratic party naturally.

I TiVoed it too. What the hell was I thinking?

pre-Debate debacle

Freedom Balloons

As pre-packaged poised & prepared these top cats will be, I’m still psyched for tonights premier presidential debate.

US News & World Report has an interesting piece titled Acting, with No second takes, taking a look at debate drama from old & new schools alike.

A point I enjoyed:
“Bush has always benefited from low expectations… No one is ever going to imagine Bush cleaning the clock of his opponent. Instead, they will say, ‘The other guy didn’t do the knockout’. One of Kerry’s strengths – and problems in the expectations game – is that he is considered an impressive debater”.

Basically, when people expect little, they’re satisfied when they get little. One of these guys has got to slip up tonight, and my money’s on Bush, he’s due for a public embarrassment.

My recommendations for tonights festivities:

  • start out watching it on the Fox news channel, they’re the only ones filming the debate, and all other networks are using their feed.
  • Take note of all the rules the networks are supposed to follow, and see if they follow them.

Tiny Town Could Tap Next Prez

From an article of that title in Sunday, September 19th’s Daily News:

“I probably won’t vote. I don’t like Kerry – I don’t know why,” said Emily Carp, 21, bartender at Doolittle’s Pub. “If I was going to vote, it would be Bush. I don’t know why… I guess I’ll see what I’m doing that day.”

ghetto.edu – a brief history of Iraq

Iraq’s been in the news quite a bit lately. I don’t know about the rest of you, but there always seems to be a layer of confusion to everything I’m reading, listening and watching… There’s so much information that it’s tough to get a grasp on any one thing in particular. I’m seeing all these broad overviews and I feel like I should know more about a certain something or someone…

So I’m sharing with you what I just recently learned – a very basic history of the nation Iraq. I’m hoping someone will find it informative, well actually I don’t really care if anyone even finds it. My biggest source of information was a discussion guide on seattletimes.com. It’s intended audience is junior high schoolers but it suited me just fine. A great and simple piece, read it more than once.

This map of Iraq is useful while reading, should you choose to do so.

Religion in Iraq
While I believe that most of the decisions made by political leaders and people with power have very little to do with their religious beliefs, You need a little background on the people of Iraq.

95% of Iraqis are muslim and the official state recognized religion is Islam. It’s been this way since about 637 AD.

So you got muslims in Iraq. They’re also called Arabs – same thing. The Arabs are essentially broken down into 3 types – the Kurds, the Shiites and The Sunni. While the Shiites are the majority, Saddam and the rest of his baath party are Sunni’s. The baath party is a secular ( has little to do with religion) government. That’s all you have to know about religion in Iraq.

Important Dates
In 1975 Saddams’ Iraq signed a treaty with Iran, their neighbor to the east. The treaty settled border disputes between the 2 countries; deciding to keep the border split down the middle of the “Shatt al Arab“, the point where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers meet, providing Iraq its only access to the Persian Gulf.

1979 : An Islamic Shiite revolution overthrows the people in charge of Iran; leaving the country vulnerable.

1980 – Iraq – Iran war : Saddam rips up treaty and invades Iran; he was afraid his own shiite population would overthrow him, just like they did in Iran. He also wants full control of the Shatt al Arab.

The United States also feared a Shiite ruled Iran, so we provided Saddam with intelligence, money, and military strategy. Why did the US fear a Shiite Iran? I’m not sure.

1988 : Iraq – Iran war is over, their is no victor. Iraq is in shambles, they’ve spent all their loot on the military and their infrastructure has fallen apart.

1990 : Iraq invades Kuwait. Kuwait had loaned Iraq tons of money during the Iraq – Iran war, and they were asking for it back; so Iraq said – no loot for you, as a matter of fact, not only will I not pay you back – but I will take over your country and you oil fields.

1990 : George W and the US most certainly do not want Saddam to have control over the precious black gold required to power our SUV’s. So we went in and helped Kuwait. The Gulf War lasted 6 weeks. Iraq was devastated.

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