Napster has temporarily paused file

Napster has temporarily paused file trading; they recently also banned all older version of their software, forcing users to download the latest, basically unusable version. A quote in the article states: “Napster still matters to consumers,” said Gartner analyst P.J. McNealy. “The Napster name still has some resonance.” Sure, we’ve all heard of it, and now not using it. As for the resonance; it’s not a good thing.

Also from todays headlines, another 53 internet firms closed their doors in June.

Elton John performs for msn&the web.

A little something on web enabled cell phone viruses

You may notice the new “sort posts” feature on the far right. It behaves just like it sounds; it provides the ability to display posts by the users you want to see… paging through their archives is just as easy.

I received this computer related

I received this computer related rhyme in an email the other day; the author states it’s a work in progress… You may provide your own beat; too funny…

What the fuck do you know,
about high rates of data flow?
Fuck case fans that blow,
my CPU cooled wit H2O.

Can’t pull the plug on me though,
Uninterrupted power supply
with my Back-Ups Pro.
Pick up my laptop n’ go…

chorus 2x:

Shit is trife,
Livin’ a high tech life.
This shit is trife.
Browsin’ the ‘net all night.

I use DHCP to assign the IP.
While your network’s still runnin’ NetBEUI.
Your mailbox POP3, hard drive IDE.
I’ll send ya ass out like SMTP.

AOL your ISP.
Can’t fuck with my Active Directory Tree.
Strictly T1, CAT5e, and T3.

Shit is trife,
Livin’ a high tech life.
This shit is trife.
Browsin’ the ‘net all night.

AMD did it first, 1.3 gigahertz,
with da 200 megahertz pipeline burst.

I’ll deny you NT user rights.
Fuck your serial port device.
My SCSI drive is 60 Gigabytes

Sure to resurface in the

Sure to resurface in the near future; Microsoft decides to ditch it’s internet connectivity referred to as “smart tags” from their premiere release of windows xp.

A little background on smart tags: They allow Microsoft to link ANY word on ANY web page to a different site chosen by none other than Microsoft. AKA, Microsoft internet alterations; not only do they have the desktops of billions, but they want control over even the smallest web sites. I do believe that deciding where clickable text appears should be left up to the people creating that text. Is that too much to ask?

I’m officially broke. I started working at fedex yesterday, part time… where I unload truck after truck. After day one, I’ve decided that it’s by far the worst job I’ve ever had… No lie, I actualy puked as soon as I got home; I think it was heat exhaustion, or maybe I was thinking about $$ a little too much. Oh yeah, I also got a rash on my arm from my sweat drenched tshirt. Pleasant stuff, huh? One good thing, I’ll lose my keyboard hands and join the ranks of the tough. I plan to pursue freelance web jobs extra hard. Speaking of which, I’ve been redesigning this site; with the help of Randy.

Over the years I’ve collected

Over the years I’ve collected what I feel is a pretty impressive collection of compact discs. What the hell does this have anything to do with? It seems scientists have discovered a fungus that will eat your precious bits, rendering the disc useless.

Amazom opens its brand new software licensing center; earthlink ups it’s prices; and beloved Microsoft drops a cool billion on windows xp marketing.

I don’t know how it’s possible, but AOL hits 30 million subscribers. Of them, only 5 million can actually connect.*

* This figure is completely fictional.

Some young heads are getting

Some young heads are getting into the good stuff in their middle schools; Hopefully they’re getting an equally potent dose of true web design skills such as coffee consumption, nicotine addiction, and the art of eating crappy food while hovering over a keyboard 15 hours a day. Basic html, and javascript is a good place to start; everything else comes with time.

Had some minor problems with the link thing on the right… time stamps weren’t including hours in the date, so posts would show up out of order… there’s still a few like that; but all future posts will display correctly. Also added an “archive” thing if you scroll to the bottom of the user posts you’ll see some navigation to sort through older stuff…

For those of you in

For those of you in Philly, you must take the time to visit the observation deck directly below william penn on city hall. It’s amazing not to mention free of charge. Being unemployed has its benefits, although even with a job; you should squeeze this in. The photos don’t do it justice but you get the idea.

I’m liking the little squares; some shots from the tower:

City Thumbnail City Thumbnail 2 Deck Thumbnail pennt

The little area to your

The little area to your right will be devoted to allowing you, the user, to post whatever the hell it is you want to post. This feature is very similar to every other site out their, but I guarantee… It’s not nearly as good. Get in touch with me, and I’ll let you know how to go about using it. It will start out on a limited basis, to work out the bugs… It shouldn’t be live yet, but what the hell. Send me an email with the username and password you’d like to have; I’ll get back to you.

Some photos that were used on the right:

Amtrak Thumbnail Flow /></a> <a href=great thumbnail

It’s all about double posts;

It’s all about double posts; Was sent a link to a web designers checklist… everyone it seems, already lives by these rules. There’s one about Mr. Nielson I hit right on the nose, but apparently I’m still not a good designer. I’ll keep working on it.

My latest plans involve an RV
and wireless net connection. There’s a bunch of new photos that will pop up in the mix of random photos to your right. They all suffer from bright flash, and yes… I still like the close up thing. It’s cause the photos are extra crappy any other way.

Scientists in Australia are now

Scientists in Australia are now stating that so-called “mimic” birds have begun duplicating the sound of cellular phones…

I spent the weekend in Rochester NY where i attended a cousins high school graduation. This was slightly different; it was in a church where we sung the star spangled banner and pledged the “Christian flag It’s on the verge of a full blown cult. The graduating class consisted of three girls, all home schooled. They believe that if you dress immodestly (Short skirts, tank tops) that reflects your faith in the lord, but at the same time the pastor spoke of how wrong prejudices are. Very hypocritical, I’m glad for my cousin, but she is so sheltered it’s unbelievable. When showing me stuff she’ll be bringing to school with her, It was topped off with an Eyore (of Winnie the Pooh fame) book bag. wow. She’s going to Bob Jones University, yes, the same school that puts the bible first, and just recently lifted a ban on interacial dating. Why you would ever want to be associated with a school that is known for its racism and bigotry is beyond me. My uncle still has a good sense of humor, suprisingly and allows his kids to use the internet… at least.

If you’ve ever been to Rochester, you know that the city depends on Kodak for it’s economy, and anyone you run into has assembly line horror stories. But no one knows if they’re really talking about buying yahoo.

At&T adds a voice portal

At&T adds a voice portal to it’s wireless web services. Unlike yahoo, this ones free; with voice ads of course.

With no visible difference, a newer version of this site is up, minus archiving functionality. stay tuned.

In addition to Death row inmates turning to religion, they also learn html… However, they should spend a little more time researching free servers to host their site; what good does an article about their sites do; if they are limited in bandwidth usage. Those geocity ads are looking pretty good right now.