Josh Marshall:

In other words, the estimable businessmen and women at have been paying SEO companies to spam the
comment sections of sites around the globe. But now Google’s new
search algorithms are making that legacy spam really damaging. So
now they’re sending out cease and desist notices to the victims of
their earlier spamming demanding that they search their archives
and remove their spam.

Henry Hill Dies at 69

Henry Hill dies at 69; mob informant was subject of ‘GoodFellas’

Hill was a onetime member of the Lucchese crime family in New York. His criminal endeavors included participating in the 1978 heist of $5.8 million from the Lufthansa air cargo terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport — the largest single cash robbery in U.S. history — and helping fix Boston College basketball games in the 1978-79 season.

1986 Fresh Air interview with Nicholas Pileggi – Pileggi wrote the book Wiseguy and then Goodfe

MIT students make Minority Report-style iPad control system

MIT students make Minority Report-style iPad control system Researchers at the MIT Media Lab have created a Minority Report-style glove and iPad input system for three-dimensional virtual object manipulation called T(ether). The system lets the team use motion tracking on gloves to create and alter virtual items with the iPads used as a point-of-view window to see what the users are manipulating. A demonstration video shows the system having multiple users simultaneously affecting the compter-generated world, both with and without the glove….